MacDonald’s in Alexandria

A photograph from Mac Stanley
Location and View Most of MacDonald’s branches’ locations are very accessible, in Alexandria at least, however not all of them are equally good. First, always go for Stanley branch, it’s the best of everything. It’s just perfect. And it has a million-dollar-view or the Stanley Bridge, the sea, and the open sky; it’s just so perfectly Alexandrian.
Manners and Hospitality MacDonald’s are very marked with smiley and super nice staff, of course except for Al-Eqbal St. branch, the staff their can actually shout at you. I once went to get my-Sunday when the man just yelled at me saying that he had to prepare my order twice. I asked him of course gently that he could has simply called for me “Two Sundays chocolate extra-chocolate”! I suppose he wasn’t that much intelligent.
Cleanness and organization MacDonald’s branches are always amazingly clean, even after people leave, there’s always this person to clean the table before you sit. However, Al-Chattby branch falls out of this condition; tables are not always clean, sometimes the leftovers are left on tables with no one to dispose them into the trash, and the bathrooms smells like public toilets. NEVER USE the toilet there. Do not even go there.

Update: Al-Shattby are getting really better.

Environment and Soul All the environment of MacDonald’s are cozy and welcoming, the seats are comfortable and the music of modern American pop is always in the background. It’d just sweet and friendly. I love it.
Food ·  The menu is standard (since it’s a fast-food restaurant). However I really loved it when they were running this ‘sandwich from every country’ campaign. My favorite was The Italian; I orgasmed because of the bread, the amazing Focaccia, soft, almost tastes like pizza, and the herbs (I’m guessing rosemary), every bite of it was a single and independent experience. You could just eat it by itself, but imagine adding the sauce (I think it tasted like blue-cheese) and the meat. All this mixture was an explosion of flavors in my mouth, and I love it when food do that in my mouth. It’s such a shame it’s no longer on the menu.

·  If you never been to MacDonald’s, you should try it, at least the Big Tasty, or the small version of it Little Tasty. Please order it beef, it is definitely and absolutely the best with beef. Never order big tasty chicken, this sandwich doesn’t even make sense. It just doesn’t go together. Always order chicken with mayonnaise and nothing more.

·  Oh, the fries in MacDonald’s; it’s an addiction. My friend and I sometimes just go and order like 5 Large of it. Oh my dear god, it’s so very delicious; I don’t know what they do with it, how they do it that way. No place on earth, literary can give a french-fries like Mac’s. I can’t even explain how it feels in the mouth. It’s perfectly fried, though it doesn’t feel oily at all. However, it is salty and crunchy on the outside, it’s very soft and mushy from the inside.

·   Again it’s a fast-food place, and it’s probably not the best for your health. Lucky me, I’m naturally slim person, I don’t give a damn about the food I eat. But again people there care, so there’s this sheet that calculate to you the amount of calorie in every item you order; you can always ask for it, and check it.

Cash The amount of money you need is not that much a big a deal. Minimum 30, and maximum 80, for the one combo-meal. It varies from sandwich to another, and from size of coke and fries you order.

I really should say that I find MacDonald’s very suitable and reasonable when it comes to prices.

Notes ·  You can always customize your sandwich, and sometimes with no charge in case of removing some substances, you can change the sauce, with no charge of money as well. And you can add extra cheese, which will add around 3 LE, and add extra sauce which add around 2 LE, only. Unlike so many other fast-food corner, like KFC in which you never customize anything, and the staff are unbelievably rude. I was once asked to leave KFC (take my order take-away) because the person with me was wearing dirty and torn clothes. Or a place like pizza-hut which I find it unbelievably expensive and not even worth it, I asked him to remove onion (I hate onion), and he said that it’s standard to put onion. Even though, the components of the pizza toppings are actually prepared by order, so he could has simply not put onion on the pizza while making it. Of course I left, why on earth I would pay around 100-150 LE for something I won’t enjoy eating. I can pay the same amount in a place like Papa Johns, and customize my pizza as much as I can, and pay like 5 LE extra. (I’ll review Papa John’s later.)

·  At MacDonald’s, you’ve all the right to check the kitchen and inch behind the doors. They will even take you to the sterilized room in which you’ll feel like you’re entering a super clean refrigerated room.


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